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40 on 40: Interviews with Experts on China-US Relations 1979-2019

新世界出版社 2020年12月出版

Center for American Studies, Fudan University

Shanghai Institute of American Studies eds.


About the Book

Forty years ago, China and the US surmounted obstacles, reconciled differences, and sought cooperation that resulted in changed lives of countless Chinese and Americans, as well as the world order. This book tracks the experiences, records the testimonies, of a bunch of witnesses and observers of the vicissitudes of Sino-US relations and tells the stories of the promoters and beneficiaries of bilateral cooperation.

The 40 interviewees, either diplomats, experts or scholars in the political and academic circles of both countries (20 Chinese and 20 Americans), who have witnessed the storms of Sino-US diplomacy, share with readers their first-hand knowledge and insight with regard to promoting bilateral cooperation and exchange by revealing the rarely known ins and outs of history.



Zhao Qizheng: A Real China That the US Needs Not Fear/003

Long Yongtu: The United States Lost Nothing for China’s WTO Accession/015

Tao Wenzhao: Normalization of Sino-US Relations Was an Important Link for Reform and Opening Up/027

Zhou Wenzhong: The Only Wise Option Is Seeking Common Ground While Reserving Differences/043

He Weiwen: No Politician Can Derail the Tracks of Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations/055

Wang Jisi: Both Chinese and American People Want a Stable China-US Relationship/067

Yang Yi: Do Not Make Military Exchange “a Collateral” for Sino-US Relations/081

Yang Jiemian: A Telescopic View of Sino-US Relations/093

Cui Tiankai: Chinese Wisdom Can Chart a New Path for China-US Relations/105

Yao Yunzhu: The Two Great Countries Should Not Be Enemies/119

Huang Renwei: Continuity of Sino-US Relations Is a Necessity for the Fundamental Interests of Both Countries/135

He Yafei: It takes Broad-Mindedness to Develop Relations/147

Ni Feng: Benefits of Sino-US Cooperation Remain Strong/161

Zhu Feng: We Must Have a Clear and Objective View of the US Factor in China’s Process of Development/175

Wu Xinbo: China and the US Will Embark on a More Equal and Balanced Relationship/187

Yuan Peng: Deep-Level Binding of Mutual Interests Is a Big Success Story in Sino-US Relations/201

Chen Dongxiao: Building a New Type of Great Power Relations Is the Only Way Out for China and the US/215

Da Wei: Stable Sino-US Relations Agree with the Grand Development Strategies of Both Countries/229

Song Guoyou: Economic and Trade Relations Still a “Ballast” of Sino-US Relations/243

Diao Daming: US Congress’ Passing of Certain Bills by a Large Margin Does Not Amount to Anti-China Consensus/255

Jimmy Carter: The Normalization of US-China Relations Has Advanced World Peace/267

Ezra Vogel: China and the US Need More “Empathetic” Scholars/279

Stapleton Roy: The US Can Get Along with a Stronger and More Prosperous China/291

Joseph Nye: Soft Power Can Be a Win-Win Approach for Both China and the US/305

Kenneth Lieberthal: China and the US Must Aim to Prevent an Adversarial Overall Relationship/317

Jeffrey Bader: China and the US Can Both Be Pillars of the International System/331

Susan Shirk: Managing China-US Competition Requires Restraint and Caution from Both Sides/345

Terry Branstad: Good Chemistry Between Leaders Will Herald a Bright Future for China and the US/357

David Lampton: Positive Mutual Dependence Can Be a Hedge Against the Thucydides Trap/369

Thomas Fingar: China’s Increased Capacity Is Not Incompatible with US Interests/381

Harry Harding: China and the US Can Foster Positive Competition – Even Over Political Systems/397

Douglas Paal: The US Must Make Room for China in the New Global Power Structure/407

Kenneth Jarrett: American Companies Still Believe in Long-Term Opportunities in the China Market/419

Robert Ross: Pragmatic Diplomacy Can Again Pave the Way to China-US Cooperation/435

David Dollar: Economic Fundamentals Will Drive China and the US to a Future of Greater Potential/449

Dennis Wilder: Candid and Friendly Personal Relationships Boost China-US Strategic Trust/463

Robert Daly: Emergent Technology May Be a Sorely Needed Positive Foundation for China-US Relations/477

Paul Haenle: Greater Cooperation on International Issues Benefits China, the US, and the World/489

Daniel H. Rosen: Trust Building Is the Solution to China-US Bilateral Woes/503

Peter Gries: “Humanized” China-US Relations Help Bridge Differences/515